April 1, 2023

Manual Wheelchairs

Simple to complex manual wheelchairs allow the user to self propel or be pushed by a caregiver.  Shara Anderson, Occupational Therapist and owner of USA Rehab, has a passion for wheelchairs.

Even basic manual wheelchairs offer choices including removable arms, full arms, desk arms, seat width, seat heights, weight capacities, and elevating legrests.

When manual wheelchairs offer more options, maneuverability, and provide long term use they are considered rehab wheelchairs.

High performance manual wheelchairs may have a folding or rigid frame and Shara will customize them based on user measurements.  These wheelchairs also offer many accessory choices including tires, push rim grips, and clothing guards. Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are made from aluminum or titanium to maximize user strength and minimize chair weight.  There are even specialized manual wheelchairs that assist a person who may be paralyzed from the waist down to stand up.

Other wheelchairs are designed exclusively to provide seating and positioning support.  These chairs are called Tilt-in-Space which alters the force of gravity on the user to help prevent deformity and pressure sores, improve comfort, and maximize wheelchair sitting tolerance.  Quite often these wheelchairs must be custom-fitted for the user’s needs.  Shara is an expert at this.