April 1, 2023

Wheelchair Services

The evaluation process usually begins with an in depth phone interview.  Basic wheelchair needs can at times be evaluated over the phone, when the professional knows the right questions to ask.  When adequate information cannot be obtained or the wheelchair needs are complex an in-person evaluation is necessary.

Shara Anderson, Occupational Therapist and Assisstive Technology Practitioner considers all aspects during the wheelchair evaluation:

  • The wheelchair user’s physical seating and positioning needs
  • Their home environment
  • Their outdoor or work environment
  • Caregivers
  • Vehicle or transportation
  • Reimbursement

The evaluation process also involves a lot of consumer education–a critical element–so the wheelchair user and/or caregiver can make educated decisions.  Everyone participates in the end result….a wheelchair!

Wheelchair Repairs
USA Rehab repairs and services every wheelchair it sells. We also service and repair wheelchairs purchased elsewhere.  We order parts from the leading wheelchair manufacturers and honor manufacturers’ warranties when applicable. Basic repairs typically include brake adjustments, armrest, battery, and tire replacement.

Insurance Billing
Medical insurance typically covers mobility equipment but every policy is different and the coverage criteria is always changing.  We screen benefits, identify deductibles and copay amounts up front, so we can alert our customers about potential costs or denial risks.  We work with doctors’ offices and therapists to obtain the correct medical documentation and justification.  For the best reimbursement, our clients work together with us to ensure complete and correct information.